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Software Downloads Frequently Asked Questions


I can't download files when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If you are downloading a large file:

Internet Explorer downloads files first to a directory called "Temporary Internet Files", then copies it to the location you specified. Make sure that the drive that contains your "Temporary Internet Files" directory has enough space to hold the file. If there is not enough space, the file may not download completely.

To find the current location of this directory, select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu, then click on the "General" tab. Click on "Settings..." in the section for temporary files.

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I can't untar the .tgz or .tar.gz file, it seems to be corrupted.

Releases for UNIX platforms are typically compressed using GNU tar. To decompress you need the GNU tar utility. If you do not have the GNU tar utility, see the next FAQ.

When running GNU tar, use the full path name for GNU tar as all UNIX implementations have their own tar utility. Remember to use the -xzf option to recreate the original directory structures.

EXAMPLE: /<path_name>/tar -xzf <filename>

You can also try using a ZIP compression utility such as WinZip to decompress .tgz or .tar.gz files.

If you still encounter problems, please contact your nearest Sybase Support Center.

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Where do I get the GNU tar and gzip utilities?

The GNU utility source code can be downloaded and compiled on your system. Please use at least version 1.15.1 of GNU tar. You can download the 1.15.1 source code from and the gzip source code from

The following is a compiled version of the GNU utilities. Click on the platform name to download:

See and for more information and mirror sites for GNU software.

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How do I find my EBF/patch or maintenance?

The Product Preview default is "All" and the Time Frame default is "6 months". To alter your search for a particular EBF/patch or maintenance, select different Product Preview and/or Time Frame options. If you change any of these options click the GO! button to reload this page.

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How do I search for a particular EBF?

Go to the search bar at the top of the page. For Search, enter "Software Downloads" for "Specific EBF/MR#". Then enter the exact number for the EBF or maintenance you are looking for (Example: 9031 or Q1002 or I0210 for EBF or M0048 for maintenance release).

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My Product Preview is set to licensed. What does licensed mean?

Licensed means that you have purchased the product and have an annual support plan with Sybase. With an annual support plan, you would be authorized to receive EBF's and maintenance for that particular product.

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I'm searching for a particular EBF and I get the following message: "Our records indicate that you are not licensed to download this release." What does it mean?

This release requires authorization that you do not have. If you do have a license to download this release, please check that you are registered as a Technical Support Contact in MySybase. To verify what roles you are registered for, go to Edit Roles.

For additional assistance, please contact your nearest Sybase Support Center.

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What do the icons mean?

    Click on the icon to display the README file.
    Pop-up box with list of products.
    This release requires authorization that you already have.
    This release requires authorization that you do not have currently.
    Note: When there is no lock, the release is available to all.

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Where do I get a ZIP utility?

There are many utilities available on the Internet for decompressing ZIP files. Search for words such as "zip compression" to find available products.

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Who do I contact for technical support for on-line services?

If you require technical support for on-line services such as Case-Express or Software Downloads, please open a case with Sybase Technical Support. You can open a case through Case-Express or by calling your local Sybase Technical Support office. In the United States of America, call 1-800-8SYBASE (1-800-879-2273). If you are outside the United States, contact your local Sybase Technical Support Office. You will find a directory of Technical Support Locations at here

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